Aanchal Sharma’s Response To Puja Sharma’s Status: Don’t Worry Ramkahani Will Be A Hit

Nepali film Black’s actress Aanchal Sharma has became the hot talk for media as her status has been presented in various angle. It was said that Aanchal Sharma wrote the status which was a satire to Puja Sharma’s status as Puja wrote an emotional status with worry regarding the clash of Rosy with her film Ramkahani. But Aanchal Sharma says that she didn’t knew about Puja Sharma’s status when she wrote status.

Aanchal Sharma during an interview shared that she was not aware of Puja Sharma’s status as she wrote status what she felt during her experiences but there was no any kind of connection with Puja Sharma’s situation but media made gossips by linking with Puja Sharma. She also gave response towards Puja Sharma’s status and said that Puja Sharma don’t have to worry as Ramkahani will be a hit.

Aanchal Sharma also clarifies that there is no any kind of issue with Puja Sharma but media has presented gossips with Puja Sharma. Aanchal Sharma also clarified about her fee for doing a film. Watch an exclusive video interview with Aanchal Sharma right here:

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