Dohori Battle Singer Preeti Ale And Her Husband Subash KC’s Interview

Preeti Ale is not a new name for lok dohori song’s audience as she has won the heart of millions with her last hit number Lok Dohori Battle song featuring with Prakash Saput. Preeti Ale is smiley as well as she is jolly while speaking and giving interviews. There are too many things that audience are unaware of Preeti Ale so she has came with her husband at an interview to share her life story.

Preeti Ale’s husband Subash KC has shared their love story and how they have been moving forward with their happily married life. Subash KC is also one of the active member of Lok Dohori Pratisthan and both of them meet each other and knew each other as both of them are actively involved in lok dohori field. Subash KC shares how both of them tackle with each other’s behavior and how they move forward.

Watch an exclusive video interview with Preeti Ale and Subash KC right here:

Preeti Ale praises her husband’s effort on making her career and how he has been supporting her at every step to create her stardom on lok dohori field. Preeti Ale also shares that many of their circle at lok dohori also dont know about their married life as they haven’t revealed much more earlier and they shares the reason behind this.

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