Nepali Movie – Radha Ft. Sanchita Luitel, Jiwan Luitel

On an occasion of Tihar, Highlights Nepal has released new Nepali film Radha. Radha film features Sanchita Luitel and Jiwan Luitel as lead actors. Film directed by Yogesh Ghimire is a love story film which has emotional aspects that can be linked by the audience from Nepali society. Radha’s songs were hit and loved by the audience. Basanta Sapkota’s music composition has been appreciated by audience and the song has helped the film to grab attention from audience.

Radha became highlight due to two special reason:

  1. Sanchita Luitel was returning back to big screen after she became mother. She was coming back in full fledged film as a lover girl which was a treat for her fans.
  2. Jiwan Luitel was also seen in comedy, romantic and action avatar in the film which was one of the awaited for his fans as he was staying abroad.

Watch full film Radha right here:

Film: Radha
Release Date: 12th Kartik 2073
Director: Yogesh Ghimire
Cast: Jiwan Luitel, Sanchita Luitel, Uttam KC
Music: Basanta Sapkota
Background Score: Alish Karki
Writer: Pradip Bhardwaj
Producer: Bishnu Mani Dahal, Sushil Karki
Film uploaded by: Highlights Nepal

Jiwan Luitel And Sanchita Luitel In Radha

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