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Nepali film Sadanga is a gangster movie which was released on 13th Chaitra 2071 B.S. Film written and directed by Suraj Sunuwar is produced by Samir Sunuwar. Film’s trailer got superb response especially the character and dialogue of Saugat Malla’s character became viral on social media but film couldn’t do expected business. Saugat Malla is seen in the character of Kalu Yadav whereas Anup Baral has portrayed the character of police officer who is behind Saugat Malla and his gang.

Film’s trailer got good response whereas song featured one promotional song titled as ‘Lobby Dubby’ which featured hot actress Harshika Shrestha. Priyanka Karki was seen in a glamorous avatar which became sensational on media during the release time. Priyanka portrayed the character of a love interest of Raja Saheb character in the film. Film features Saugat Malla, Priyanka Karki, Anup Baral, Sauram Raj Tuladhar, Vijay Lama, A.Gurung in lead role.

Watch full movie Sadanga right here:

Movie: Sadanga
Cast: Saugat Malla, Priyanka Karki, Anup Baral, Sauram Raj Tuladhar, Vijay Lama, A. Gurung
Writer / Director: Suraj Sunuwar
Producer: Samir Sunuwar
Music / Lyrics: Sujendra D Karki
Choreographer: Gobinda Rai
Action: Asta Maharjan
Film Uploaded By: Buddha Subba Digital

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Nabin Manandhar’s character ‘Bhalu Don’ was also hugely appreciated by audience. Pramita RL Rana is also featured in the film on a small role. Luminious Pictures produced the film which has announced that they will come back in 2017 with a new movie.

Official Poster Of Film Sadanga Directed By Suraj Sunuwar

Nepali Film Sadanga Official Poster
Nepali Film Sadanga Poster
Saugat Malla And Sauram Raj Tuladhar On Shooting Of Sadanga

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