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Nepali film Shakuntala is released on YouTube by Highlights Nepal. Film was one of an anticipated film of the year 2073. Film released on Bhadra 9 2073 is directed by Deeness Shrestha. Film was hot on media due to Rajesh Hamal‘s female avatar which was a new and risky attempt. Rajesh Hamal portrayed the role of a women for the first time which was an exciting for audience. But film failed to do excellent business at theaters.

For the promotion of the film, Rajesh Hamal danced by wearing red sari on a Teej song which was visualized for the film. Song became a hit which helped film’s promotion. Shakuntala is the story of a female named Shakuntala who is against those people from the society who are involved on female trafficking and drugs. Film revolves around various characters who are affected by women trafficking and how Shakuntala fights against this issue is the main story of the film.

Watch full Nepali film Shakuntala right here:

Movie Name: Shakuntala
Cast: Rajesh Hamal, Kishor Khatiwada, Rabindra Basnet, Smreeti Shrestha, Anu Shah, Rabi Giri, Pradeep Dhakal, Rajkumar Thapa, Shivan Shrestha, Sashank Basyal
Script/Cinematographer: Deeness Shrestha
Lyricist: Krishna Hari Baral, Dayaram Pandey
Producer: Maheshwor Khatri, Shreepsa Khatri
Director: Deeness Shrestha
Background Score: Alish Karki
Video Uploaded By: Highlights Nepal

Nepali Film Shakuntala Poster Ft. Rajesh Hamal

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