Priyanka Karki Says: I Don’t Have Bad Feelings For Unsuccessful First Marriage – Video Interview

Priyanka Karki is no doubt one of the most successful Nepali actress and every debutant actress have aim to reach Priyanka Karki’s stage. After Rekha Thapa, Priyanka Karki is said to be a star who is equals to actors. Priyanka Karki who is currently busy enjoying her love life with Aayushman Desraj had shared some of her feelings on an interview. Priyanka Karki explores herself on this interview where she shares that she is very positive girl who is always motivated to move forward.

Priyanka Karki shares that she don’t have any bad feelings for her unsuccessful first marriage life. She takes that decision of getting married as a lesson for her life as she was not mature enough at that period so she had to divorce with Rochak Mainali. She wishes Rochak Mainali for happy married life and she expects same from him too. She has a plan to hangout with Rochak and his wife along with Priyanka and Aayushman which is an exciting thing to hear from Priyanka.

Priyanka Karki who is currently busy doing music videos and advertisements, shares that she is planning to join her hand on film making from next year. Watch an exclusive video interview with Priyanka Karki right here:

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