Priyanka Karki’s Post Engagement Statement About Plan Of Getting Married With Aayushman Desraj

Priyanka Karki and Aayushman Desraj’s official engagement brought storm over social media as the photo of the engagement came on social media without any pre information nor any kind of hints. Everyone were shocked as well as happy to see the photos of their engagement all sudden and expressed their wish to see them getting married very soon. Priyanka and Aayushman both were staying far from media after their engagement but today during a press meet of Dal Bhat Tarkari film, Priyanka revealed her plan of getting married.

During the event, Priyanka Karki shared with happiness that she don’t have any plan of getting married by this year as she has many works as well as Aayushman has his own schedule. As soon as they get time and manage their schedule, both of them will finalize the date as for marriage there need lots of preparation and we need to manage time for that. She has promised that audience can see them getting married by next year for sure but date will be finalized later.

After her statement about marriage plan, Priyanka also shared that she will be actively involved in her works and she has few movies in her pipeline and she will be focused on the work. Watch the video of Priyanka Karki sharing about her plan of getting married with Aayushman Desraj right here:

Priyanka Karki’s upcoming release Katha Kathmandu’s song has also created some rumors and controversies that has made Priyanka Karki upset too. Her hot performance at the song and intimate scene with Pramod Agrahari got lots of criticism. Katha Kathmandu will be releasing its trailer within next week. According to the source, Priyanka Karki is not in mood of promoting Katha Kathmandu as she had got lots of criticism for the song.

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