Riya Shrestha Opens Up About All The Rumors Regarding Her Glamorous Avatar

Glamorous actress Riya Shrestha is one of the most preferred model and dancer for stage performance at different Mahotsav and programs at abroad. Riya Shrestha performs item numbers in her own style which has made her viral over social media. She also time and again comes into controversies due to her glamorous avatar and some naughtiness but she takes it very easily as she thinks that this is the part of glamour world and she is happy to be part of glamour field.

During an interview, Riya Shrestha says that she knows clearly what to do and what not to do so she has kept herself into limit and worked within that limit so she is not in wrong path but her glamorous avatar is criticized according to the people’s thought so she don’t want to please everyone. She believes that her work is to entertain people with her dance and she loves to perform at stage and entertain audience who comes to see her dance by purchasing ticket.

Riya Shrestha also shares that if she post photo with Chaubandhi Choli than audience won’t get excitement to like and comment but when she post pictures on two piece than people comment and likes and starts getting viral so she prefer to maintain her glamorous avatar. Watch an exclusive video interview with Riya Shrestha right here:

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