Sindhu Malla And Her Husband Sudaam Thapa’s Exclusive Interview

Popular lok dohori singer Sindhu Malla and her husband Sudaam Thapa along with their one and only son has shared some beautiful experience of married life and how their love and musical journey are moving simultaneously. Sudaam Thapa remembers how they fall in love and how their love turned into marriage and their journey from love to having a son in their life. They also plans that they won’t have any other babies as they are happy to love their one and only son.

Sindhu Malla shares that she is not passive these days as she has been releasing songs time and again but the musical scenario is not as it was earlier so audience may have felt so. She also clarify that her marriage life hasn’t made any changes to her musical journey rather she is more active after marriage and her most of the hit songs were released after her marriage. She mentions that there were very few media during her marriage time so audience may not have known that she was married when her songs were hit.

Sudaam Thapa also explores that he has always been supportive to Sindhu Malla for her musical journey and he has been boosting her in every step to bring out good songs and interact with audience time and again. They also shares how they are managing musical journey as well as their family matters simultaneously.

Watch an exclusive interview right here:

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