Barsha Raut Thanks Barsha Siwakoti For Giving Opportunity To Be Part Of Film Gopi

Barsha Siwakoti and Barsha Raut’s cold war has always been getting good hype over online media every year. Last year when Barsha Siwakoti took her hand out of the film ‘Mero Paisa Khoi’ and Barsha Raut signed the film later, there arises various types of gossips regarding Barsha Vs Barsha. Although Barsha Siwakoti was not replaced by Barsha Raut in that film but gossips came in that way which misguided audience to some extent regarding their cold war.

This year again Barsha Vs Barsha happened when Barsha Siwakoti took her hand from the film Gopi. She signed the film and has attended at press meet of the film too but before a week of shoot, she quit the film explaining that her role was changed which made her discomfort to be part of the film. After Barsha Siwakoti left the film, Barsha Raut signed the film and replaced the role of Barsha Siwakoti. This added ghee on the fire to create more gossips regarding the cold war between Barsha Vs Barsha.

Barsha Siwakoti has said that she didn’t felt comfortable to be part of the film as she was not satisfied with her character so there is no point of making any gossips. Barsha Siwakoti said that Barsha Raut must be thankful to her for giving opportunity to do that film. And now Barsha Raut has also replied to Barsha Siwakoti by thanking from her heart for providing opportunity to be part of the film Gopi.

Watch the reply of Barsha Raut to Barsha Siwakoti right here:

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