Gaurav Pahari And Mariska Pokharel Opens Up About Mr. Virgin Film’s Concept

Mr. Virgin is releasing this Friday all over Nepal and its trailer has got very good response from audience specially youths active on social networking sites have appreciated the trailer and the dialogues from the trailer has been hugely appreciated. Film’s two lead actors Mariska Pokharel and Gaurav Pahari has shared their character’s highlight on an interview where they also shared why audience should watch this film.

Gaurav Pahari also shares that he has broke his virginity during his SLC time and he shares that such things should be shared with friends and close circle as we should not hide things about sex as it will make our society and thinking more conservative. We should keep the talk in limit and share such things and it makes the mind and society free. And Mr. Virgin also explores some of such issues of our society.

Mariska Pokharel adds that film doesn’t try to give any kind of message but it will surely portray the part of our society where we try to hide the things related to sex and virginity and we should be aware about these things so that we can make our society out of conservative thinking.

Watch an exclusive video interview:

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