Nepali Movie – Naike Ft. Aryan Sigdel, Surbina Karki, Sarika Kc, Netra Gurung

Nepali film Naike is released on YouTube by Highlights Nepal and film has got average response from the viewers. Film featuring Aryan Sigdel as a local goon falls in love with Surbina Karki’s character and film gets some twist and turns. Film is a complete masala package which was believed to entertain audience who loves masala type of films but film failed at box office miserably. Surbina Karki was also a new actress nor the music of the film could create hype so only Aryan Sigdel’s face value couldn’t grab audience to the theaters.

Naike features the story of Pokhara where a local goon Naike and his gang are involved at different activities which was against the police force. But Aryan’s character was fearless and he works for money and for betterment of others. On that case, he falls in love with Surbina Karki’s character and Surbina’s backstory has some connection with the work of Naika which brings some twists in the film. Will Aryan be able to wooh Surbina or Surbina hates Aryan when she finds his negative character as a goon? Watch the full film and find out the story of a goon and a beautiful girl.

Netra Gurung has directed the film and film failed to impress the audience as well as critics. Netra Gurung has himself written the story, screenplay and dialogues. Some dialogues of Aryan Sigdel from the film are impressive but screenplay is so weak that film couldn’t hold the audience. Jagdish Khannal, Narayan Khannal, Anand chhetri & Sangita Parajuli has produced the film.

Watch full film Naike right here:

Film: Naike
Release Date: Mangshir 19, 2071
Director/Writer: Netra Gurung
Cast: Aryan Sigdel, Surbina Karki, Sarika Kc
Music: Tara Prakash Limbu, Raman Gayak, Yogesh Kaji
Producers: Jagdish Khannal, Narayan Khannal, Anand chhetri & Sangita Parajuli
Cinematography: Arjun Tiwari
Edited By: Roshan Lamichhane
YouTube Release: Highlights Nepal

Watch Nepali Film Naike Ft. Aryan Sigdel And Surbina Karki
Nepali Film Naike Official Poster Featuring Aryan Sigdel
Nepali Film Naike Poster Ft. Aryan Sigdel, Surbina Karki

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