Paul Shah, Aanchal Sharma And Aakash Shrestha Together For The First Time

Aanchal Sharma and Aakash Shrestha’s pairing on the film Black is released all over Nepal and film is running on average occupancy all over the Nepal. Due to clash with three Nepali movies and two Bollywood films, Black couldn’t get good number of screens so the occupancy of the film is average. The pairing of Aanchal Sharma and Aakash Shrestha is fresh for audience and it is being appreciated by the audience who have watched the film.

This is the first time Aanchal Sharma has worked with any other actor rather than Paul Shah and it was an eagerly waiting for audience to watch the pairing of Aanchal Sharma with other actor and audience have appreciated but they want more to watch Aap Jodi romancing together in big screen. Today during the screening of Black, Paul Shah has joined the interview along with Aakash Shrestha and Aanchal Sharma after the screening of the film.

During an interview, Aakash Shrestha also praised Aap Jodi and has shared that he likes their pairing and he has loved their pair on screen. Paul Shah also praised the work of Aanchal and Aakash in the film Black, Aanchal Sharma also shared her happiness when Paul Shah praised the film and appreciated their work.

Watch the video:

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