Sandhya Budhi Aka Kauli Budi Shares Her Journey To Nepal Idol Season 2

If you are fan of watching Nepal Idol, than you may have noticed ‘Kauli Budi’ character who has gave audition at Nepal Idol Season 2. Kauli Budi who gave audition and again the lady who portrayed the character of Kauli Budi came to give audition in her real looks. She is none other than Sandhya Buda, who has been portraying the character of Kauli Budi on YouTube and some music videos since a year.

Here we present you an exclusive video interview with Sandhya Buda who explores her journey of Kauli Budi and her participation to Nepal Idol. She shares that her experience of Nepal Idol participation was amazing and she felt very glad to participate and got selected for next round. When her character Kauli Budi was already famous, why she tried her hand in Nepal Idol ? She answered, “She want to showcase her caliber and talent to Nepali in huge mass and Nepal Idol is the best platform for her to reach to big mass.”

She is extremely happy on getting such a good response from audience for her performance on audition round. She feels to be blessed for the performance and she also promises that she will be entertaining her audience continuously in coming days.

Watch an exclusive interview with Sandhya Buda right here:

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